IntersectionPoint Social Business Association is a politically independent non-profit organization based in Sweden.

Our mission is to drive the development toward a better and sustainable world through innovation, entrepreneurship, networking and cooperation.

We believe that diversity drives innovation, and that groundbreaking insights happen at the intersection of different fields, concepts, and cultures.

This idea, which is referred to as “the Medici effect”, was introduced in the book The Medici effect by Frans Johansson in 2004. The Medici Group, the innovation consulting firm founded by Johansson, has also been an active partner of IntersectionPoint from the early stages of the organization.

Through our biennial event, IntersectionPoint – World Innovation Challenge, we want people to experience the Medici effect, to learn, to interact, and to be inspired to take initiative and act as agents of change.

We need innovation and new insights to find solutions for making the world socially and ecologically sustainable, peaceful and pleasant.

We strive to achieve a dynamic mix of people at all our events from civil society, academia, business, and the arts to maximize perspectives and cross pollination of ideas, and hence, capacity for innovation and learning.

We are not only an organization with a formal membership procedure, but also a movement, engaging people who end up sticking around in close contact for the next activity. However you want to get involved with us is up to you. We certainly hope to see you at our next event!