Juteborg is an intersectional, industrial idea and development partner of Jute fibre-based products. We believe that the combination of the sectors of Textile, Automotive and Construction will give a synergetic effect gaining all three to meet the market’s need of more sustainable materials to re-place old bulk-fibres, such as oil-based plastics, wood, metals and other environmentally hazardous materials. In close cooperation with industrial partners, organisations, academy, commercial actors and research institutions we provide the knowledge and experience needed in order to solve the complex bottlenecks hindering a sustainable development of our society.

Juteborg is based in Göteborg, in the West Coast of Sweden, a city founded 400 years ago. At the same time in history the Jute-fibre started to become industrialized in Bangladesh; the other part of our Globe. Who could ever have imagined by then that these two parallels would merge into a future solution? Perhaps the correct name of the city should have been Juteborg?