IntersectionPoint was initiated about three years ago by Christina Östergren, Architect / SAR and owner of Archidea AB together with Ulf Tengroth, market economist / developer and owner of Smartchange AB in Gothenburg. The objective is to create conditions for innovation, entrepreneurship and change at the intersection between the different disciplines and cultures, sectors and ideas for sustainable development and growth.

IntersectionPoint AB is a non profit organisation ran by the initiators in close collaboration with the The Medici Group, the Swedish Construction Federation and the Swedish federation for Private Business Owners in Gothenburg. Archidea is an innovative small business that preserves and develops the built environment. Smartchange is a consulting company in change management, organizational development and related services. The Medici Group is a global company founded by Frans Johansson, author of the bestselling book The Medici Effect: Breakthrough insights into the intersection of ideas, concepts and cultures (Harvard Business School, 2004). The Medici Group is headquartered New York City, USA, with offices in San Francisco and Gothenburg. Through strategic consulting, unique workshops and activities built on the principles of the Medici effect, they are working with companies and industries to meet their innovation and development needs. The Medici Group has worked with all types of customers and organizations both in the Western countries and developing world, and has recieved funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to solve complex health problems.

IntersectionPoint also collaborate with IMCG Sweden AB (Innovation Consulting Management Group), Öijared Academy, Innovationskontor Väst, and other external parties.